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Geotechnical Engineers

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Acem - Geotechniques
PO Box 455 Gordons
Malolo Estate 8 Mile, PT MORESBY
Ph: 325 0230
Classic Drilling PNG Ltd
PO Box 1156 Pt Moresby
Ph: 7005 5241
Coffey International Development
PO Box 523 Waigani
Stratos Ave Hohola, PT MORESBY
Ph: 325 2867
Geotechnics Qld
PO Box 319 Pt Moresby
Mabi St Gordons, PT MORESBY
Ph: 325 2322
Markham Culverts Ltd
PO Box 845 Lae
Speybank St Lae, LAE
Ph: 472 2666
Mas Geo-Material Engineers Ltd
PO Box 2293 Lae
Ph: 7230 7841
PO Box 1688 Waterfront Port Moresby
Kunai Street Hohola NCD, PT MORESBY
Ph: 323 7833
Ramu Pacific GIS Mapping & Surveying Ltd
PO Box 5224 Boroko
Ahuia St Gordons, PT MORESBY
Ph: 7308 2888

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